Does Your Home Or Business Have Mold?

You may think you don't, but mold is a very common problem. Mold likes damp places, and most buildings are guilty of having at least one spot that could become moldy. Mold is also, more or less, impossible to keep out. Mold spores can get in via the air, the skin, clothing, or pets. And most of the materials that people use to construct buildings support mold growth. Just about anything made out of wood material, for example, can grow mold.

Oak Tree Does Not Look Healthy? 2 Problems It May Have And How To Treat It

If you have an oak tree in your yard, you know how large they can grow. These trees can provide shade for your yard, and they can also look beautiful. If your oak tree does not look healthy, there are many problems it may have, two of which are listed below. You will also find information below on how these problems can be treated by a tree service. Anthracnose Anthracnose disease can happen often if you live in a region that gets a lot of rain.